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Rick Ray, filmmaker and lecturer, has traveled extensively across Asia and the South Pacific. Traveling light, with his camera equipment sometimes hidden in his backpack, Rick has penetrated into areas normally closed to big camera crews and Western journalists. Using his daily journal entries as his source material and utilizing his skills as a professional cinematographer, Rick manages to capture in a unique personal style, the spirit of a place as seen through the eyes of the people who actually live there.

BALI -- Life in the Balance

A Personal Journey with Rick Ray

Running Time: 80 minutes --- $19.95
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format
Bali Video Cover

Plain and simple, Bali spells magic. The magic of rich cultural traditions practiced by a people who really believe in them. Here is life at its most expressive, with festivals, ceremonies, dancers, craftsmen and artisans in abundance. One can innocently become wrapped up in a temple festival, a procession, a noisy wedding party or an exuberant cremation almost by chance. And behind this rich tapestry of religious expression stand a friendly and outgoing people who welcome your participating and companionship.

Where is Bali? Somewhere in the South Pacific? Most think it is, but Bali is in Indonesia, over 5500 miles from Tahiti! The relaxed rhythms of perennial rice growing have afforded the people ample leisure time to perfect an intricate Hindu-influenced way of live seen nowhere else in the world. In Bali, every living moment is a sacrament to the millions of good and evil Gods who reside in every niche and corner of this tiny island state.

Bali is not a primitive culture or a lost world. Some would say it is overrun with tourists desiring to surf its legendary waters or climb its holy mountains. Others come for spiritual adventure, immersing themselves in Baliís enigmatic religious life. Somehow, the islandís culture has managed to absorb huge doses of Western influence without being absorbed in the process. One wonders how long this can continue.

The secret of the Balinese lies in the concept of balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual plane. Today that balance has grown ever so fragile and may soon disappear. Join Rick Ray as he explores ďBali: Life in the Balance.

Running Time: 80 minutes --- $19.95
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

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