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Joe and Mary Liz Adair have lived, worked and traveled in over sixty nations, producing travelogues throughout the world. Together, they have filmed with Kings and Queens, and the humblest of citizens with the aim of bringing the story of people to people. They have presented their award-winning films to audiences in over 1,000 North American cities, including command performances in Washington, D.C. for the National Geographic Society. Three of their most recent productions are proudly represented by and available through Encounter Video at this website.

Crown Jewels of the Rocky Mountains!

Running time: 90 minutes --- NA
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

Picture of Crown Jeweles of the Rocky Mountains Video Cover

Strung like pearls along the majestic chain of the Rocky Mountains are America's Crown Jewels: four magnificent National Parks.

Glacier National Park

Glacier is heralded as the "Crown of the Continent". Here, in this guest book of the eons, is an eclectic collection of the signatures of every force that continental uplifting and the last ice age have inscribed upon the land.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a looking glass unto Creation, and into the depths of our earth's gaseous and molten core. Yellowstone's millions of enthralled visitors prove that "watched pots" really do boil!

Grand Teton National Park

Mountains age in reverse when compared to people. Craggy and wrinkled in their youth, time slowly smoothes and erases their lines. Here in the Grand Tetons is America's newest, most-youthful range -- towering, handsome, exuberant and bold!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Encompassing seventy peaks over 12,000 feet and 40 miles of the Continental Divide, this "Park of Parks" is truly the "Top of the Continent"! Humbling are its magnitude, its solitude, and its majesty.

Running time: 90 minutes --- NA
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

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