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Rick Ray, filmmaker and lecturer, has traveled extensively across Asia and the South Pacific. Traveling light, with his camera equipment sometimes hidden in his backpack, Rick has penetrated into areas normally closed to big camera crews and Western journalists. Using his daily journal entries as his source material and utilizing his skills as a professional cinematographer, Rick manages to capture in a unique personal style, the spirit of a place as seen through the eyes of the people who actually live there.

Letters Home From Iceland

Adventures in Europe's Outback with Rick Ray

Running time: 91 minutes --- NA
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

Video Cover of Iceland

Iceland is a land of extremes, a forlorn frontier warmed -- just enough to be habitable -- by volcanic activity under the earth and the temperate effects of the oceanic Gulf Stream.

The Icelandic people lead a life that is a far cry from their primitive surroundings. They are often referred to as the most Scandinavian of all Scandinavian peoples. They are the direct descendants of 10th century Norse Viking aristocrats who sailed to Iceland, bringing with them fair Irish and Scottish maidens as concubines, and then were largely ignored and forgotten for almost 900 years. When the remote island was rediscovered in the middle of the 19th century, explorers found a perfectly preserved, living national park of ancient Viking culture, attitude and language.

Join Rick Ray in a personal journey across Iceland. Visit cosmopolitan Reykjavik, nightlife capital of Europe. Experience life in the land of the midnight sun, where the residents pay for their summer sunshine with three months of almost total darkness. Journey across Iceland's rugged lifeless interior, and see the regal Icelandic pony and the comical Puffin bird. Witness the destruction of Heimaey, Iceland's Pompeii. Accompany Rick for these and many more adventures as he comes to terms with life in the land of fire and ice.

Running time: 91 minutes --- NA
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

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