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As a film-maker, and President of Encounter Video, Dennis Burkhart has traveled around the world -- including Nepal, Alaska, Cook Islands, Easter Island, Kenya, India, and Egypt. In each place he has attempted to capture the special essence that makes a country's culture or landscape unique. The result is a collection of entertaining films that explore the most fascinating places on earth, and have made Encounter Video synonymous with quality film-making.

Dennis Burkhart lives in Oregon. His teenage years were spent mountaineering and white water rafting. During these adventures he developed a love for the wilderness and an interest in photography. As a college student, he spent his summers as a wilderness ranger for the US Forest Service. His award-winning photos appeared in scholastic publications and everntually were published in National Geographic Magazine.

After college, Dennis traveled to Kenya, Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The National Museum of Kenya recruited him to lead an underwater excavation of a 17th Centry Portugese galleon. Later as a professional mountain guide, he climbed Aftrica's major peaks including Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

After returning from Africa, he worked as a National Park Ranger in Alaska, and shot his first film. Pursuing his love of wilderness areas has led him to film over 85 National Park areas. Rafting and kayaking America's challenging rivers has taken him from the Colorado River to Alaska's wilds. Another passion that combines business and pleasure is underwater photography.

Encounter Video introduced one of the first productions targeted at the home video market -- "Touring Alaska". Since 1983 we have continued to release top selling titles. Over one million units of Encounter's 32 titles have been sold worldwide.

Originally, our films were travel related, and geared for the home video market. Today Encounter Video produces historical, cultural, musical and natural history documentaries for both home video and television.

In addition to creating films for our own distribution, we produce for Questar Video, Inc. of Chicago; which distributes through Readers Digest, Publishers Clearing House, Columbia Home Video, Time-Life, and others. Eight Encounter programs have aired on Discovery Channel, The Family Channel, and National Public Broadcasting.

Encounter Video specializes in National Park programs. Our stock footage library of more than 85 National Park areas is one of the most extensive in the world. In keeping with a policy of the highest standards in production, all location footage is shot on film.

"Touring America's National Parks" is the company's best seller. Over 350,000 units have been sold by Questar, Readers Digest, Publishers Clearing House, Columbia Home Video and others. A sequel to the original is our 1995 realease "America's National Parks -- The Story of all 53 National Parks". This three hour program is the most comprehensive video on National Parks currently available.

More recently Dennis filmed Paris for NBC, produced a commercial program on sternwheelers, as well as a home video -- "The Great Parks of Alaska". He has just completed another video -- "The Great Parks of Hawaii", and is working on two Pledge Specials for PBS, scheduled for release in 1999.

Other productions include CD-ROM publications, specialized natural history projects, and historical documentaries. We encourage you to contact Encounter Video for production, editing, stock footage, or special project needs. Encounter holds a reputation for high quality visual and audio production, accuracy of content, and timely delivery within budget.

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