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Rick Ray, filmmaker and lecturer, has traveled extensively across Asia and the South Pacific. Traveling light, with his camera equipment sometimes hidden in his backpack, Rick has penetrated into areas normally closed to big camera crews and Western journalists. Using his daily journal entries as his source material and utilizing his skills as a professional cinematographer, Rick manages to capture in a unique personal style, the spirit of a place as seen through the eyes of the people who actually live there.

Jerusalem -- Sacred & Profane

A Personal Journey with Rick Ray

Running time: 85 minutes --- Not Available
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

Video Cover of Jerusalem

There are cities which time has forgotten, and cities which time can never forget. Throughout history, there have been many holy cities and many places of legend. But this is the city where history began, and some believe, the city where history will end.

It is a city of conquerors to who believed their stories would last forever, but whose names and empires have long since faded from memory. It is a city of wonders and miracles which could have been forgotten but have been kept alive in faith and ritual.

His story is told here. The story of man and the story of God. Somehow this city has survived to fulfill God's will, to keep his story alive. It has been called the City of Peace, the Promised Land, the Holy Land, and the Gold City, but it has seldom lived up to its lofty names and elevated ideals. This is the ancient city of Jerusalem.

Join intrepid traveler and filmmaker Rick Ray as he takes you on a personal journey to the holiest city on Earth. Explore the history of this most special place from the great City of David to the emergence of the modern state of Israel.

See why Jerusalem is an important center for Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike, and explore the inevitable conflicts that have emerged as a result.

Visit the famous Dome on the Rock and the Western (Wailing) Wall. Explore the Mount of Olives and delve into the forbidden inner sanctums and synagogues of Mea She'arim.

Walk across the Holy Land in the footsteps of Jesus. See his birthplace in Bethlehem. Travel to Nazareth, the River Jordan, and the Sea of Galilee. Walk along the Via Dolorosa where Jesus took his final walk with the cross and visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of the burial and resurrection.

Finally, witness the New City of Jerusalem expanding beyond the Old City walls, a modern capitol penetrating a frontier once greatly feared by the residents of the Old City.

This is the Holy Land. Happy travels!

Running time: 85 minutes --- Not Available
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

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