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Picture of Video Cover for A Seasonal Serenade to America's Natural Wonders

A Seasonal Serenade to America's Natural Wonders

Stunning photographic portrayal of America's beauty set to the music of the world's great composers. New England in Fall, Niagara Falls in Winter, Everglades, Wildlife, California Deserts, Rocky Mountains, Pacific Forests. Atlantic to Pacific --- rhapsody in bloom!

VHS -- 100 min ..... Not Available

A Musical Odyssey Set To The Changing Seasons

Winter to Spring -- heralds a New England winter of rustic barns and snow-covered hills that echo Schumann's "Scenes from Childhood". Mists explode in rainbows as Niagara Falls thunders to Hummel's "Trumpet and Orchestra" Concerto. Storm clouds shadow the Grand Canyon while snow blankets the colorful hoodoos of Bryce Canyon and Schubert's "Unfinished Symphony" completes the mood.

Wagner's "Tannhauser Overture" captures Yellowstone's frosty cold where bison and elk survive amidst seething geysers. In Alaska, bald eagles soar across the frozen landscape to Tchaikovsky's " Winter Dreams".

Strauss' "Tritsch-Tratsch Polka" sets a sprightly pace as winter melts into Spring. Grieg's "Morning from Peer Gynt" motions the arrival of Yosemite's spring snow melt, thundering from high country to valley floor. Crashing waves send spray skyward as Pacific breakers pound the rugged west coast from California to Washington in time to Smetana's "Ma Vltava" ("My Country"). The festive glory of spring in Canyon Country comes alive to Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade" to conclude a breathtaking musical journey.

Summer to Fall -- beckons us straight to the heart of America where Wagner's soaring "Flying Dutchman" climbs the sheer walls of one of the world's greatest wonders, the Grand Canyon. Rimsky-Korsakov's "Antar Suite" echoes across the Great Plains and Mozart's "Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra" resonates throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

Bach's "Toccata" prowls the great American Desert in search of thriving insect and bird life. Vivaldi's Concerto "La Notte" brings alive the sparkling Everglades amid a stunning panorama of birds. Hawaii's tropical paradise overflows to Brahms' "Symphony No. 4" as the warm, sunny sands and lofty Na Pali cliffs evoke the islands' sensuous beauty.

In Alaska the long summer days turn to Autumn Gold while Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" (Fall) serenades the glorious colors of the Pacific Northwest and Schumann's "Davidsbundlertanze" greets the first frost of New England. Pachelbel's "Canon for Strings" commemorates the great heroic struggles fought on Civil War Battlefilds as the first shiver of winter sets in.

Music perfectly matched to spectacular .. wilderness." -- Booklist

VHS -- 100 min ..... Not Available

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