Travel Video -- Raise the Bamboo Curtain: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma
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Rick Ray, filmmaker and lecturer, has traveled extensively across Asia and the South Pacific. Traveling light, with his camera equipment sometimes hidden in his backpack, Rick has penetrated into areas normally closed to big camera crews and Western journalists. Using his daily journal entries as his source material and utilizing his skills as a professional cinematographer, Rick manages to capture in a unique personal style, the spirit of a place as seen through the eyes of the people who actually live there.

Raise the Bamboo Curtain: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Burma

A Personal Journey with Rick Ray

Running time: 95 minutes --- Not Available
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

Video Cover of Vietnam, Burma, and Cambodia

When most people think of Vietnam, Burma, and Cambodia, they think of them as sites of war and suffering. Indeed, these three countries have languished for many years behind the Bamboo Curtain, and their recent emergence has given tourists the opportunity to explore lands which have changed little in decades.

No country has been more hidden from the modern world than Burma. Since the 1950's tourists have been restricted to between 24 hours and 7 days to see the country. Called the Albania of Asia, Burma has only recently begun to open its doors to travelers, and Rick Ray was there on the Road to Mandalay to film the wonders of Inle Lake, the colonial decay of Rangoon, the long neck women hill tribes, and the temple-studded plains of Pagan. Join Rick as he journeys from Saigon to Hanoi on Vietnam's Highway One, with stops in Dalat, Nha Trang, China Beach, Danang, the DMZ, Halong Bay and Hanoi.

Finally, venture into the troubled land of Cambodia, for a look at a country still coming to terms with the ravages of war. From the killing fields of Phnom Penh, to the magnificence of Angkor Wat, the journey explores the heights and depths of human achievement and suffering in the homeland of Khmer culture.

With the breakup of the Soviet Union, many of the emerging countries of Indochina have found themselves with a new opportunity to overthrow old regimes and proceed with a more self-determined course. It is time to Raise the Bamboo Curtain and shed some light on worlds hidden from the eyes of outsiders for many years.

Running time: 95 minutes --- Not Available
VHS Only -- Not available in PAL format

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